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Broadly, I am interested in studying the behavior and distribution of elements in the Solar System, the chemical evolution of terrestrial planets, and instrumentation and analytical method development. I use isotope geochemistry, major and trace element systematics, petrologic modeling, and any other tools that can help provide insight into the formation and differentiation of planetary bodies. Check out my publications below for specific research topics.


I'm also very interested in creating a positive science culture through mental health awareness, diversity and inclusivity, and science outreach. I am always looking for financial resources to share with other students; I have compiled a list under the financial resources page. 


Arevalo Jr., R. D., Willhite, L. N., Bardyn, A., Ni, Z., Ray, S., Southard, A., Danell, R., Grubisic, A., Gundersen, C., Minasola, N., Yu, A., Fahey, M., Hernandez, E., Briois, C., Thirkell, L., Colin, F., and Makarov, A.  Laser desorption mass spectrometry with an Orbitrap analyser for in situ astrobiology. Nature Astronomy (2023).


Robert W. Nicklas, Rachel K.M. Hahn, Lori N. Willhite, Matthew G. Jackson, Vittorio Zanon, Ricardo Arevalo, James M.D. Day. (2022) Oxidized mantle sources of HIMU- and EM-type Ocean Island Basalts. Chemical Geology.


Willhite, L. N., Ni, Z., Arevalo Jr., R. D., Southard, A., Bardyn, A., Danell, R., Grubisic, A., Gundersen, C., Minasola, N., Fahey, M., Yu, A., Briois, C., Thirkell, L., Colin, F., Hernandez, E., Ersahin, A., and Makarov, A. (2021). CORALS: A Laser Desorption /Ablation Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer for In Situ Exploration of Europa. 2021 IEEE Aerospace Conference.

M.G. Jackson, J. Blichert-Toft, S.A. Halldórsson, A. Mundl-Petermeier, M. Bizimis, M.D. Kurz, A.A. Price , S. Harðardóttir, L.N. Willhite, K. Breddam, T.W. Becker, R.A. Fischer (2020). Ancient helium and tungsten isotopes preserved in mantle domains least modified by crustal recycling. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 202009663; DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2009663117

Willhite, L. N., Jackson, M. G., Blichert‐Toft, J., Bindeman, I., Kurz, M. D., Halldórsson, S. A., et al. (2019). Hot and heterogenous high‐3He/4He components: New constraints from proto‐Iceland plume lavas from Baffin Island. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 20.

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